The best and worst states for US women

In the highly-charged political climate that is 2017 America, women's rights are front and center every day.

With new legislature being proposed, rejected or enacted on both the national and local level on what seems like a daily basis, it makes one wonder if women are better suited overall in some states more than others.

According to new data from MoveHub, the answer is a hard 'yes'.

The company recently conducted a study that determined the best and worst states for women's quality of life.

Here were the top 15 worst states for women:

The factors that were tested equally across all 50 states were severity of the gender pay gap, political representation in the state, equality in education level, accessibility to health insurance, reproductive rights and number of incidents of man-on-woman violence — Each factor was weighted individually and then combined to give each total score.

One notable correlation? Most states that had lower numbers of women in state legislature also scored low in areas of equal pay and reproductive rights.

Infographic via MoveHub

Coincidental that low representation of women in government correlated with less legislation that benefited women's rights?

The worst state overall was Oklahoma, a very conservative state whose low score on reproductive rights brought the overall score way down.

At the top of the list, however was Hawaii, which boasts the statistic that only 6 percent of all female residents are without health insurance.

The state also reported only 0.14 violent man-on-woman incidents per ever 100,000 women.