Hidden Valley is selling a $100 fountain of pure ranch dressing

Ranch lovers are a force to be reckoned with — We're not kidding.

Take a ranch-enthusiast to a restaurant that charges them extra for a side of the sauce or tell them they've run out of it and watch chaos ensue — Seriously, some people will put it on any and everything (not even pizza is safe anymore).

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So it (kind of) comes as no surprise then that Hidden Valley, aka the mecca of all that is ranch dressing, has decided to make it possible to purchase an ever-flowing supply of — you guessed it! — ranch dressing.

With the emphasis on "ever-flowing", Hidden Valley is now selling a ranch fountain for $100.

The fountain conveniently comes with 12 (also known as one dozen) 36-oz bottles of Hidden Valley original Ranch.

To put into perspective how much ranch that is, each 36-oz. bottle is 4.5 times the size of a standard bottle of the dressing.

The company claims it's a year's worth but if you're obsessed with ranch enough to want to buy a legitimate FOUNTAIN of the dressing who really knows if it'll last you.

Dippers aren't included but we would assume raw veggies and greens would be a safe bet.

Or maybe even a swimsuit to swim around in it because who even knows anymore.

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