11 superb St. Patrick's Day sales for 2017

Every year on March 17, beer changes color from golden to green, and crepe shamrocks paper the town. The streets flood with parade-goers clad in green and orange, and the aroma of corned beef pervades the air. Amid all the hubbub, retailers join in the fun by launching superb St. Patrick's Day sales.

As the holiday approaches, keep your eye out for deals on apparel, electronics, gifts and other goodies. Make your pot of gold go further at these 11 St. Patrick's Day sales for 2017.

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1. Oriental Trading Company
Feb. 14 – TBA

All season long, Oriental Trading Company is offering up to 50 percent off St. Patrick's Day accessories and party supplies. Visit the site to snatch up deals on festive hats, headpieces, beads, suspenders, balloons and decorations.

2. Spencer's
March 12 – April 4

To celebrate St. Paddy's Day, Spencer's has released a collection of holiday-themed tees, costumes and accessories. You can get 20 percent off one item with promo code LUCKY17 or free shipping on orders over $30 with promo code CLOVER17.

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3. Cheryl's
Feb. 16 – March 17

In honor of the holiday, Cheryl's is whipping up buttercream frosted shamrock-shaped cookies, frosted mint chocolate cookies and other treats. You can get 15 percent off your order with promo code TAKE15.

4. Target
March 12 – March 18

Target is holding a sale throughout the week of St. Patrick's Day, offering deep discounts on apparel, outdoor living and more. Highlights from the event include:

• 20 percent off women's jeans.
• Up to 20 percent off floor care items.
• 20 percent off kids' dressy clothing.
• 20 percent off outdoor living items.

5. Sears
March 12 – March 18

As St. Paddy's Day approaches, Sears is hosting a sale on a huge range of home goods, apparel and electronics. Top deals include:

• Up to 20 percent off bath towels and rugs.
• Up to 30 percent off dining furniture.
• Up to 30 percent off bed and bath.
• Up to 30 percent off sheets.
• Up to 30 percent off cookware.
• Up to 30 percent off TVs, computers and electronics with free shipping.
• Up to 40 percent off fitness equipment.
• Up to 50 percent off tools.
• Up to 50 percent off pillows and pads.
• Up to 60 percent off top-brand mattresses.
• Up to 50 percent off spring fashions.
• Up to 50 percent off women's dresses.
• 70 percent off Marketplace clothing, appliances, mattresses and outdoor living with free shipping.

6. Kmart
March 12 – March 18

During the week of St. Patrick's Day, Kmart is running a sale across nearly all categories. Highlights from the sale include:

• Buy one, get one 50 percent off women's apparel.
• Buy one, get one 50 percent off men's apparel.
• Buy one, get one 50 percent off shoes.
• Buy one, get one 50 percent off baby and toddler apparel.
• Buy one, get one 50 percent off select cosmetics.
• Buy one, get one 25 percent off bikes and biking accessories.
• Up to 30 percent off TVs, computers and electronics.
• Up to 30 percent off major home appliances.
• Up to 30 percent off home office furniture.
• Up to 30 percent off tents and airbeds.
• Up to 80 percent off fine jewelry.

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7. L.L. Bean
March 13 – March 19

Over St. Patrick's Day week, L.L Bean is offering 20 percent off hiking clothes, footwear, packs and rainwear with promo code TRAIL. The sale includes free shipping.

8. New Balance
March 12 – March 18

New Balance has launched a sitewide St. Patrick's Day sale, taking 15 percent off any order. To redeem the deal, enter promo code SHAMROCKS at checkout.

9. Big Lots
March 11 – March 18

Big Lots is throwing a sale on select furniture and home goods this season. Top deals include:

• Up to $100 off patio furniture and accessories.
• Buy one, get one 50 percent off cube storage organizers.
• Buy one, get one 50 percent off replacement cushions.

10. JCPenney
March 17 (predicted)

Last St. Patrick's Day, JCPenney took an extra 25 percent off select products. This year, we expect a similar sale, with discounts of up to an extra 30 percent off qualifying orders.

11. Newegg
March 13 - March 17

Up until St. Patrick's Day, Newegg is taking up to 90 percent off TVs, laptops and other electronics. The online retailer is also offering up to 30 percent off hygiene and beauty products. Many items ship free.

RELATED: 6 ways to save money this St. Patrick's Day

st patricks day save money
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st patricks day save money

Don't buy clothes specific to the theme of the holiday
While blowing money on a full leprechaun costume may seem like a great idea in theory (fake beard included), it's an investment that will really only come in handy once a year.

It's easy to get carried away with wanting to get decked out, from face tattoos to themed cups to anything and everything with a clover on it.

If you don't own anything green or orange, buying a piece of clothing in that color will be something that you'll inevitably wear again, even if it's not your favorite color.

And if you own clothes or accessories in those colors, you don't even have to spend anything--throw on what you have and you'll looked decked out without trying too hard, a win-win!

Photo credit: Getty

Don't indulge in drink or food specials
Yes, green beer would look great in your Instagram but let's be honest, it tastes just the same as a cheaper draft beer.

There's sure to be buckets and cocktail specials as well and in the spirit of the holiday, you'll want to be as festive as possible and indulge. Bar owners and managers will jack up the prices knowing that people will buy them.

They'll also more than likely be served with less alcohol in an attempt to get you to buy more and to save themselves money, too. Stick with your usual drink.

Photo credit: Getty

Don't go to a tourist trap pub
If you want a real Irish experience, find a real Irish-owned pub in your city.

Don't be fooled by the celtic font and Dublin-style feel of the architecture of some pubs--a lot of them aren't owned by anyone Irish and capitalize off of holidays like St. Patrick's day.

Research somewhere authentic where they won't try to give you a run for your money and genuinely want to celebrate with you.

Photo credit: getty

Don’t use a car service that has surge capabilities
St. Patrick's Day is one of the most popular holidays to celebrate out and about. If you're in a city, the amount of people trying to get around will skyrocket, even during the day.

If you can avoid cabs and car services all together and opt for public transportation, you're better off (especially with traffic and closures for parades and other festivities.)

But if you can't, only ride in a metered vehicle and try to go somewhere close by if possible.

Photo credit: Engadget

Don't try to time everything to the last minute
Since road closures and traffic are imminent, getting to places at the time you're anticipating to is probably unlikely. Plan ahead and allow for delays.

Bar lines will probably be fairly long as the night goes on so keep in mind what time you're aiming to leave and get to your destination.

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Don't indulge in mini themed favors
Don't give in to buying samples and themed vendor items
Whether it's $1 green jello shots, mini green-themed sweets or man selling beads on the street, buying tiny items seems reasonable. But, like most things, they start to add up.

Chose one thing and enjoy it--whether it be a mini cupcake or a sparkly green hat. Just don't try to get one of everything you see, or you'll end up low on cash with four temporary leprechaun tattoos that you have no use for.

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