McDonald's slammed for their Shamrock Shake advertisement


McDonald's is under fire for a recent advertisement for their iconic Shamrock Shake -- particularly their new chocolate Shamrock Shake. A short video was shared to their Twitter account on March 7. While it has since been deleted, The Independent uploaded the video to their website.

One Twitter user shared a screenshot of the tweet as well:

"When your Shamrock Chocolate Madness drink plays all the right chocolaty-mint notes," the tweet read.

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There are several elements in the ad that McDonald's may have mistaken as Irish, but are not. For example, the man in the ad "plays" the Shamrock Shake like a bagpipe -- but that's Scottish. Furthermore, he's dressed in a Scottish tartan hat.

The video also features video of Stonehenge -- which is in England.

Mashable wondered whether this was done on purpose, but the fact that the tweet was deleted may signal otherwise.

McDonalds told in an emailed statement: "The Shamrock Shake is a much anticipated spring tradition at McDonald's leading up to St Patrick's Day. We acknowledge that our recent social media creative missed the mark and we apologize to those we offended."