Glasgow Airport to enact 'Kiss-and-Drop' policy, fining drivers for idling too long at departure gates

If you're like the majority of people who've traveled via airplane somewhere, you can probably relate to the sentiment of rushing and stressing.

There seems to be nothing worse than pulling up to your departure gate and not being able to get to the curb or drop off because the car in front of you is idling for too long.

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Aside from aggressively beeping and yelling, it seems as though there's nothing that can make those pesky, time-taking passengers move faster.

Well, nothing aside from charging them a fine.

In an attempt to deal with overcrowding and impossibly long drop off lines, Glasgow Airport in Paisley, Scotland is instating a new "Kiss-and-drop" policy which will fine airport dwellers 2 euro (about $2.15) for idling outside for longer than 10 minutes.

Long-distance lovers saying their heartfelt goodbyes might want to do so before they get in the car to go to the airport.

Glasgow, an airport that deals with roughly 9.2 million people annually, already has a similar policy in effect for pick-ups – 2 euro for 10 minute long pickups, 3 euro for 20 minutes.

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said in a statement about the new policy:

"We have resisted introducing a drop-off charge despite most airports of our size having similar arrangements in place for many years, however, having exhausted all possible alternatives we have now reached a point whereby a chargeable facility is the only way to address congestion, discourage non-airport traffic and encourage best use of our road network."

The new policy will go into effect by the end of April.

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