#AskSnowden: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will livestream interview Edward Snowden


It's the interview showdown that perhaps we've all been waiting for.


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On December 13 at noon EST, Twitter CEO and tech aficionado Jack Dorsey will interview (via video conference) the infamous former CIA worker and NSA information leaker Edward Snowden.

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Viewers around the world will be able to watch and livestream the entire interview via Twitter-owned streaming service Periscope.

But watching the interview isn't the only dose of interactivity we'll get to have with the interview -- Viewers actually will have the opportunity to submit questions to Dorsey to ask Snowden.

Using the hashtag #AskSnowden, twitter users have been tweeting (in 140 characters or less, of course) the one thing they want Dorsey to address.

Here were some of the top questions to surface on twitter before the interview:

The questions, and general direction of the interview, are up in the air -- Though the conversation surrounding Snowden is controversial, Dorsey has already previously expressed his endorsement for the pardoning of the former CIA employee.

The interview can be reached via the twitter handle @PardonSnowden.

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