People are boycotting these 30 brands in protest of Trump


There's been no shortage of protesting the nation's new president-elect since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States early last Wednesday morning.

But while many are directly going after Trump's lack of political correctness and disagreeable projected policies, others are finding different ways to fire back at the businessman by attacking his businesses.

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In response to one of Trump's most volatile moments on the campaign trail (the resurgence of the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood video tape), political activist Shannon Coulter decided on a new way to get women to fight against Trump's comments.

Her idea? Start boycotting stores that carried Ivanka Trump's clothing line.

Here are the retailers that made Coulter's list:

The list of stores is called the #GrabYourWallet boycott list, and includes retailers that carry both Donald and Ivanka's products, such as clothing and home furnishings.

The ever-growing list has now begun to include brands whose CEOs and board members have publicly endorsed and fundraised for Trump.

These companies include:

  • ABC Supply


  • Hobby Lobby

  • Jenny Craig

  • Kushner Properties

  • MillerCoors


  • New Balance

  • National Enquirer

  • People Magazine

  • Uline

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship

  • Yuengling Beer

For the full list and explanation behind the companies on the #GrabYourWallet list, visit here.

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