Mark Zuckerberg has reached $285M in charity donations, according to new filing

When you're a founder and CEO of a company that's estimated to one day be valued at a cool $1 trillion, you probably have some funds to share with the greater good.

Thankfully, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn't hold back when it comes to donations.

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He's previously pledged to give away a whopping 99 percent of his earnings to charity last December, and it seems like he's sticking true to his promise.

Based on a regulatory filing, Zuckerberg has reportedly given away $285M in Facebook stock to date, with over $95M being donated to charity on September 9th and 12th.

The money will be placed between the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation and CZI Holdings, LLC.

The filing reports that Zuckerberg plans to donate or sell around $1B in stock each annually through 2018.

His latest transaction will add around $85M (after taxes) to his organizations.

Mark Zuckerberg is currently estimated to be worth $55.3B, according to Forbes.

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