What your old toys are worth now

What your old toys are worth now
What your old toys are worth now

Have you ever wondered what your old toys are worth?

From Beanie Babies and American Girl Dolls to Super Soakers and Playskool Flashlights, the vintage toys you've kept in your attic may now be worth a fortune.

If you kept any of your old dolls, games or playsets, you may be in luck! These 11 popular childhood toys are worth serious money now -- at least, it's what people are willing to pay on eBay. So whether you're a collector looking to buy an original Game Boy, or hoping to score some major cash on your old Easy Bake Oven that's been sitting in your attic, you've come to the right place. We broke down the costs of these '90's classics, ranked in order from least to most expensive.

So check out the list of vintage items below, and if you're lucky, you may have held onto something that'll cover next month's (or year's) rent!

View what these 11 toys are worth today:

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