Elizabeth Olsen swears by this 'fun party trick' to impress houseguests (Exclusive)

Allow us to introduce chef Elizabeth Olsen!

Between "Avengers: Endgame" and her Facebook Watch series, "Sorry For Your Loss," now in its second season, the actress has spent a lot of time on set in recent years, and things don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon for her.

"The next two years are just like work, work, work, work," she joked during an interview with AOL's Gibson Johns.

So, what does she do to keep herself occupied while she's filming on location? She cooks!

"Especially if I’m on location, it's my wind down at the end of a long day, and then I’ll bring in leftovers for lunch a lot of the time," she revealed. "If it’s a weekend, I’ll experiment with harder things that I want to try like [homemade] pasta and bread -- that kind of stuff."

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When we asked the acclaimed actress what her specialty in the kitchen was, she revealed that there's one recipe in particular that she's mastered, and it serves as a party trick whenever she welcomes company over to her place.

"My favorite thing to do is bread, and it’s really easy to make," Olsen said excitedly. "There’s a no-knead recipe that the New York Times has, but when you have someone over and all they see is dough and a pot and in 45 minutes you have bread, and it looks like a big rustic sourdough loaf. People love that. It’s a fun party trick."

With several big projects in the works slated for 2021, including Marvel's next installment of "Doctor Strange," Olsen has a lot more time on location ahead of her, which makes her latest brand partnership with the newly-relaunched Delta Skymiles American Express card perfect for her:

"You get double the points when they relaunch the partnership in 2020 for all restaurants worldwide and for grocery shopping. I literally don’t do anything else," she laughed. "If I’m not eating at a restaurant, I’m buying groceries, because I love cooking so much."