Sandra Bullock’s new film inspires viral 'Bird Box' challenge


Over the holidays, Netflix released its latest horror film and it has everyone talking.

"Bird Box," starring Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, places us in a post-apocalyptic world where a monster preys on humans by simply looking at them. Once seen, the creature inspires the possessed souls to brutally kill themselves. In order to avoid becoming victims to the mysterious entity, characters are forced to keep their eyes covered, and learn to rely on other senses.

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Though Bullock and the other characters are able to complete an impressive amount of tasks blindfolded, fans have taken to social media to prove just how difficult those tasks are in real life. The 'Bird Box challenge' has tons of people blindfolding themselves to do mundane things like finding their way outside, trying to get up an escalator and even riding a scooter. The results, however, are more hilarious than successful.

Despite the obvious fails people continue to post more videos to the internet, creating a never ending stream of people crashing, falling and ultimately make fools of themselves all for a littler internet fame.

Watch some of the craziest above.