Amy Adams opens up about yelling at Christian Bale


Amy Adams and Steve Carell took the BUILD stage Wednesday to discuss their new film, "Vice." The actors got candid about playing historical characters and working with the talented Christian Bale, who has been making headlines for his startling transformation. Adams in particular shared her experience working with him again, as this is the third time the two have played love interests.

"Every movie I yell at Christian Bale!" she laughed. "It's so weird, I didn't really realize that until I was talking about this film."

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The couple had massive success with "American Hustle" and "The Fighter," and Adams hopes that Vice will be no exception. She did admit, however, that though it was fun, every time she had to dominate Bale she felt very out of her comfort zone.

It's all worth it though, she smiled and mused that it might be their "good luck charm."

Watch the entire interview below.