'America's Next Top Model' alum Jael Strauss dead at 34


"America's Next Top Model" alum Jael Strauss is dead at 34. Her death comes two months after she revealed that she'd been diagnosed with "incurable" stage 4 breast cancer.

The former reality star, who competed on season 8 of the modeling competition, passed away in hospice care on Tuesday morning, TMZ reports. Sources close to the model told the outlet that her conditioned had worsened on Monday evening and that she'd been unconscious for several days, with her family not allowing anymore visitors.

"The one blessing was that we were able to show her how loved she was before she passed," her family said in a statement. "She brought so much light to people."

TMZ added that Strauss stopped her chemotherapy treatment at the end of October, several weeks after announcing her heartbreaking diagnosis on Facebook. She went into hospice a month later, on Thanksgiving.

"First night in hospice," she wrote on Facebook. "So many things I never knew about life. Or death. So many things."

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Strauss shared the news of her breast cancer diagnosis on October 4 in a grim post on social media.

"I was gonna write some long thing, but some of you guys deserve to know, on October 2nd I was diagnosed with stave IV breast cancer," she wrote. "It has aggressively spread throughout my body and is incurable."

"With treatment, it may prolong my life longer than the 'few months' doctors said I could make it," she added. "I don't want to die. I need another one of those miracles that I got back in 2013."

The miracle she was referring to was going sober in 2013, a year after appearing on "Dr. Phil" in an effort to tackle her struggle with addiction. She celebrated five years sober this past August.

"I know a few things to be true: Miracles are real, Recovery is possible for everyone no matter how far gone you think you are, We are never too broken to be put back together," she wrote. "Service work feels better than the greatest high, Sobriety makes you weirder not normal and I'd be dead if it weren't for all the love and forgiveness I've been showered with by my friends and family."

Strauss finished in sixth place on the eighth season of "America's Next Top Model" back in 2007.

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