Global panic! Concert goers injured as scores run from phantom gunshot: police

At least seven people were hurt Saturday when a loud noise sparked a mass panic at a Central Park concert.

The Global Citizens Festival on the Great Lawn was in full swing about 7:30 p.m. Saturday when a security barrier fell and made a loud popping noise — a noise many thought was a gunshot.

Scores of people scrambled out of the concert area, pinning a handful of people against a fence.

“NYPD choppers in the air, scary situation,” tweeted one witness who goes by the handle Rakshak.

Coldplay's Chris Martin came on the stage to calm the crowd, according to NBC News.

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"Nobody is trying to hurt anybody," Martin said. "You're all safe, OK?"

Martin then brought up an NYPD captain to assure everyone that everything was fine before the concert resumed.

Police sources said the reported injuries were minor, and included cuts and scrapes, a twisted ankle and bruised ribs.

At least one concert goer suffered an asthma attack, sources said.

Everyone was treated at the scene.

Roughly 60,000 people attended the festival; it was estimated that a small percentage ran off.

The lawn was not cleared out, officials said.

The Weekend, John Legend and Cardi B were all scheduled to take part in the Global Citizens Festival, according to the event website.