Elizabeth Olsen's discusses her passion project ‘Sorry For Your Loss’

Actress, Avenger, and executive producer Elizabeth Olsen, best known for playing Scarlet Witch in the "Avengers" franchise, came by BUILD Series to promote her new Facebook Watch drama "Sorry For Your Loss."

The new series is a 10-episode, 30-minute drama about a young widow grappling with grief after her husband's death. Olsen's character Leigh, goes on a transformative and moving journey to piece her life back together in the wake of loss.

Olsen was introduced to the project almost 3 years ago and immediately wanted to get involved.

"I started to think about shows that dealt with grief and there [weren't] many," she said.

The concept sparked her interest so much that she signed on as executive producer.

"I loved the obsessive amount of time [put into the project]," she explained. "It was 4 months of not being able to think about anything else."

A self-proclaimed control freak, Olsen collaborated with every department from the writers to editors. Her work ethic is founded heavily in teamwork, communication and an eagerness to grow.

"You should never be satisfied with something, you should always continue to grow," she said at BUILD. "The idea of wanting to be better than your last score, being better than what you did the last time is something I just love. Notes to me are incredible. Even if I don't agree with them, at least we're gonna have a conversation about why."

And with a change of scenery -- by working on a smaller set -- Olsen was given the opportunity to enjoy being a leader while also making sure everyone on the crew was having a good time.

"I want everyone to love their work day" she said.

Olsen also revealed that she likes acting because it allows you to "put 90 percent of your recycled thoughts away and stay active [in the role]." And, though she was happy to stop obsessing over the show when shooting wrapped, she's ready to jump back in to work.

Catch "Sorry For Your Loss" streaming now on Facebook Watch.