Diplo recalls meeting Camila Cabello for the first time


Major Lazer has been around the world and back.

Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire are the trio (founded by Diplo) that make up the award-winning EDM group responsible for hit songs such as "Cold Water" featuring Justing Bieber and "Know Know Better" with Camilla Cabello.

In an exclusive interview with AOL, Diplo dished on meeting Camila Cabello early on and why Migos inspires him to work hard.

"I go every day, I was in the studio right after our show we did together in Denmark that’s no big deal. I’m in the studio every day with artists it feels like. I was inspired by Migos – they literally have a studio locked in every city they go to and just like do whatever they do," Diplo told us in Chicago at Bacardi's 'Sound of Rum Sessions' summer kick-off event, where model Olivia Culpo joined the celebration and Major Lazer took the stage.

This is the second time Major Lazer has partnered with Bacardi to connect island-inspired music to the Caribbean roots of rum. "We are allowed the freedom to express ourselves. It [the collaboration] works because we can both bring creative ideas and are able to speak freely and execute...It’s a gathering of all people that want to hear great music, have a good time, have some nice cocktails and do some dancing," Walshy elaborated on the importance of big brands partnering up with musicians.

Camilla Cabello, who recently made history for having the most streamed song by a female on Spotify with her song "Havana," has worked with Diplo on multiple projects together. Billboard confirmed last year that the pair has "over 20 unreleased songs together."

"We met her really early on, she came to the studio in Miami and hung out the whole time. She was always invested in our brand. We took her to one of Walshy’s parties [and] she was like, "Wow," Diplo said. "And by the way, that party [Camilla came to] was a Bacardi sponsored party called Rum & Bass...high energy dancing and bass to fans all over the world," Walshy added.

Check out Major Lazer's latest song "Let Me Live" featuring Anne-Marie. Jillionaire calls it "an ode to the summer time!"