Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren 'get along really well' 9 years after sex scandal broke their marriage

Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren 'get along really well' 9 years after sex scandal broke their marriage

Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren are in a much better place nearly a decade after a bombshell sex scandal broke up their marriage in 2009 and 2010.

Multiple women came forward in 2009 claiming that they'd had affairs with the former top golfer in the world, leading to the couple ultimately getting a divorce in August of 2010.

In the years since, though, Woods and Nordegren, who share daughter Sam, 10, and Charlie, 9, have looked past their controversial split and forged a friendship for the sake of their children.

"They're friends now," a source told People. "Everything that happened in the past is the past. They both decided to be adults and to do what was best for the kids. So they get along really well."

Despite the embarrassment that Woods' reported actions caused her, Nordegren hasn't used his past mistakes against him, either.

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"Elin is not someone who uses the kids as a weapon," an insider told People. "When Tiger wants to see his children, Elin makes sure that he can. She is a really classy woman."

The new report echoes the 38-year-old's comments from 2014, when she proclaimed that she had "moved on" from her ex-husband's cheating and that her relationship with Woods was "centered around [their] children."

Tiger appears to feel the same way about his ex.

"Tiger says really great things about Elin," another source said. "He never complains about her, ever. He never says things like, 'Oh, my ex is being unreasonable.' On the contrary, he talks about her in glowing terms. They're closer now than they were when they were married. The kids love them both."

In March, Nordegren put her multi-million-dollar South Florida mansion on the market. She purchased the estate back in 2011 for $12.25 million, just over a tenth of her reported $100 million divorce settlement from the previous year. She's currently on schedule to get her master's in psychology next month.

For his part, Woods, 42, is mounting a comeback and recently tied for 32nd at the Masters in August, Georgia.

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