Inside Joaquin Phoenix's reclusive life with Rooney Mara

Joaquin Phoenix is a name almost everyone has heard of, but the star doesn’t really want to be known -- at least that’s the vibe he gives off.

The star of the thriller “You Were Never Really Here” went to an event to promote the movie in Los Angeles recently, and according to those in attendance, it seemed like he really didn’t want to be there.

A friend at the event told Page Six that "he’s really outside his comfort zone tonight, and his comfort zone doesn’t go too far to begin with."

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His comfort zone does, however, include his girlfriend -- the lovely, but also quiet, Rooney Mara. A source said that "they're meant for each other. Both [are] shy homebodies [and] both loathe the press."

See photos of the couple together:

In this new film Phoenix suffers from PTSD, and his artistic impression of someone dealing with trauma is somewhat imitating life. Phoenix grew up in the Children of God cult, and witnessed his brother, actor River Phoenix, die of an overdose.

"The reason he’s good at playing traumatized is that he was traumatized," a producer, who has worked with him, said. "He grew up . . . in a cult. His brother died in front of him. None of that presupposes someone who’s going to turn out normal. [...] Hiding is just a natural state for him."

"Everyone wonders, 'Is he really that sensitive -- or does he just want you to think he’s weird?'" a source said to Page Six. "You’ll always be confused about him. Which actually is kind of weird."

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