'Vanderpump Rules' star Kristen Doute explains what happened with ex James Kennedy in Mexico


The "Vanderpump Rules" trip to Mexico is about to take a splashy turn.

On Monday night's episode of the hit Bravo reality series, a rumor appears to spread that exes Kristen Doute and James Kennedy had hooked up on the trip -- despite both having significant others. Doute has been dating Brian Carter for over two years, while Kennedy is dating Raquel Leviss.

Though it's just seems to be just a rumor, Doute explained during a sit-down with AOL Entertainment on Monday that she "didn't even know what actually happened" until she saw the latest episode, which explains the confusing series of events that lead to her throwing a drink on her ex-boyfriend.

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"There’s a rumor that there was something going on between James and I in Mexico, and you’ll find out who started it and who spread it," she told AOL Entertainment. "I watched this episode before the reunion, and I didn’t even know what actually happened and what was said and by who until I watched. I basically lived since July thinking that one thing happened, when really something else happened. I definitely should’ve put my anger at different people than I did."

In a preview for the episode, Doute is shown yelling at Kennedy at a dinner table as the rest of their cast mates look on.

"I will knock your ass out!" she says, before splashing a drink in his face. "Don't you dare."

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The blow-up came after months of Doute side-stepping Kennedy in an attempt to avoid their "catastrophic" dynamic.

"I like to keep my distance from James," she explained. "In the beginning of the summer I was able to find peace with all the craziness and the catastrophic way that he and I were and with how he still treats me at times, but I really did that for Carter and I. He asked me to get over it and forgive him, because he said that if I don’t, I’ll always have this PTSD and be rolling my eyes whenever he’s around. And I found a way to do that."

But, as the former SUR employee told us, the trip to Mexico -- without their respective significant others by their sides to calm them down -- brought everything to a head again between the former couple.

"Going to Mexico I was like, ‘Great!’ It’s not my job to keep James at bay, and it’s not Lala’s job, either, but I sort of put that on her, because it’s a little easier."

What makes their upcoming argument so jarring for viewers is Doute's sympathetic comments about Kennedy in the previous episode, when he revealed that he had been bullied growing up.

"When he was talking about bullying last week, I had to look at him as a human and not as an ex-boyfriend who treated me so badly," she said. "As a human, I really felt for him because I was aware of it. Tonight’s episode was a complete 180 for me, though, because I had given him an inch and he took a mile. It just pissed me off so, so much."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs at 9 p.m. EST on Mondays on Bravo.

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