'This Is Us' star Susan Kelechi Watson feels 'liberated' by her new apartment


Susan Kelechi Watson is feeling "liberated" these days thanks to a brand new apartment.

The actress, who plays Beth Pearson on "This Is Us," recently got her Los Angeles digs completely overhauled by HomeGoods and -- after hopping around between a series of sublets -- it's made her feel like she's "adulting hardcore right now."

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"I had been subletting most of the time while I was in LA," she told AOL Entertainment over the phone. "I was actually in between sublets when something fell through, so I had to suddenly get an apartment before I was prepared to. I had to find this place in a day, because it was the only day I had off. I had to get the bare essentials and then I didn’t have time to stop and decorate and make it a home. This was the perfect way to make it happen -- it came at a time when I could really use the help."

When it came to working with HomeGoods to make her house a home, the actress wanted to make sure that her new space reflected her background.

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"They just totally picked up on the vibe of what I wanted, which was something Afrocentric and something that celebrated my Caribbean roots with pops of colors like orange and teal," Watson told us. "I wanted a place that gave me a lot of energy and provided a peaceful place that I can work and be creative in, but also feel like I can get rest and get some space."

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Watson considers herself to be "such a New Yorker," so she's brought some of that to her space out west, too.

"It's very innately part of me in a way that will always influences my space," she told us of being from New York. "There's a part of me that really opens the space up to company, which brings out the New York side of me -- it's that communal mentality."

That being said, she's grateful to have an opportunity to actually have some space -- something that is often so difficult to come by in Manhattan.

"In New York, things can be limited -- you can't get everything you want, like a big couch or the beautiful table or space for hair and makeup. The great thing about my West Coast place is that it allows me to live my best life. It's all about sunshine and warm weather, and it's important to me to have a place that reflected that warmth."

See photos of Susan Kelechi Watson's newly-refurbished apartment below:

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