Nancy Kerrigan reveals whether or not she's seen 'I, Tonya'

Has Nancy Kerrigan seen "I, Tonya" yet?

The Oscar-contender re-tells the story of the events leading up to Kerrigan's shocking attack six weeks before the 1994 Winter Olympics from rival Tonya Harding's perspective. The film has already won a slew of awards, including a Critics' Choice Award for Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harding on Thursday night and multiple wins for Allison Janney's performance as Harding's mother.

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Speaking briefly with the Boston Globe this week, Kerrigan revealed that she hasn't seen the film -- and it doesn't sound like she plans on seeing it anytime soon.

"Not right now," she said when asked if she had a comment on the movie. "I really have nothing to say about it. I haven't seen anything. I haven't watched anything. I've been busy. I was at the national [figure skating] championships this week, so I didn't watch the Golden Globes. I haven't seen the movie. I'm just busy living my life."

Harding herself was attended the Golden Globes on Sunday night and sat with Janney, Robbie and the rest of the film's cast and crew among Hollywood's biggest stars. She even showed up at the after parties following the show, posing somewhat unexpectedly with Tommy Wiseau.

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Kerrigan was also asked to share her opinion on Harding's return to the spotlight thanks to the film, which portrays Harding somewhat as a victim of her surroundings, detailing her reportedly abusive relationships with her mother and her own husband, Jeff Gillooly.

She didn't seem interested in talking about Harding.

"At this point, it's so much easier and better to just be ... it's not really part of my life," Kerrigan said

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"As you say, I was the victim," she added. "Like, that's my role in this whole thing. That's it. It is weird, that's for sure. A bizarre thing. The whole thing was crazy, being that it's a story."

After a hit man hired by Gillooly and his friend Shawn Eckhart clubbed Kerrigan's knee, she made a stunning, quick recovery that ended with her placing second at the Olympics that year.

At Thursday night's Critics' Choice Awards, host Olivia Munn parodied "I, Tonya," and Kerrigan took to Twitter to voice her approval of Munn's impression of her.

"Loved @oliviamunn," Kerrigan tweeted. "She can play me anytime."

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