Kate Middleton isn't allowed to sign autographs

Have you ever fantasized about getting Kate Middleton's autograph?

Even though, as Paris Hilton once said, the camera phone is the autograph of the 21st century, maybe an autograph was what you longed for from the Duchess of Cambridge. After all, she probably has a gorgeous signature that's just as elegant as every other aspect of her being.

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Unfortunately, none of us will ever be able to get that signature. According to English newspaper, Express, Middleton -- along with the rest of the royal family -- are banned from signing autographs for fans. The rule is to prevent any of their all-important signatures from being forged, which makes sense. Though, if that were a truly realistic concern, why don't all celebrities do the same?

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Express reports that when Prince Charles is asked to sign autographs, he responds by saying, "Sorry, they don't allow me to do that."

Not being allowed to sign autographs for her adoring fans is just one of the rules that Kate Middleton has had to follow since marrying into the royal family back in 2011. Another mandate that she has to abide by? She can't cross her legs as her knees (though, crossing her ankles is allowed). She also must cover up her cleavage, follow tiara protocol and curtsy subtly, among many other seemingly trivial rules.

Though Kate Middleton follows a lot of the royal family's existing rules, she has definitely pushed back against some of its most antiquated mandates, especially when it comes to parenting. Watch the video at the top of the page to find out how she's changing the game for parenting in the royal family.

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