EXCLUSIVE: Man pulls out all of the stops to try to win back his ex on Bravo's 'A Night With My Ex'

What would you do if you and your ex got one more night to spend together?

Bravo's latest reality TV experiment, "A Night With My Ex," examines just that, as ten couples reunite for one night only to hash out unresolved issues, argue, cry and, just maybe, get back together.

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In the first season's third episode, which premieres on Tuesday, August 1, are-they-aren't-they couple Rob and Shivonne are given one night together to lay it all out on the table -- and we have an exclusive look at where things might be headed between the pair.

In the exclusive clip above, Rob says that he's "here to tell Shivonne that [he's] serious" about getting back together.

"I know I told you that I never saw a future with us, and you know I don't usually express myself like this," Rob tells Shivonne as she wipes away tears with a tissue. "I don't know how it would work, but I have an idea!"

To see what happens next, watch the clip above.

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