Singer Troye Sivan had the most terrifying experience in his AirBNB: Read the creepy note he received

Boys and girls, want to hear a scary story? Well, Troye Sivan has one for you.

The Australian YouTube star-turned-international-hitmaker took to Twitter on Friday to share a harrowing tale from his current AirBNB stay -- and it will seriously terrify you.

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"Omg guys wanna hear a scary story?" he asked his 5.73 million Twitter followers. Yes, Troye, we would.

"Okay so there I was outside my Airbnb picking up my McDonald's hot fudge sundae w extra hot fudge that I ordered on UberEATS," he began. "But my UberEATS guy was lost so I was out there for like 5 mins and the guy who lives next door was outside too and looking at me sooo sus."

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Confused as to why the man next door thought he was "a dodgy guy," he headed inside to enjoy his McDonald's sundae before getting ready for bed.

"An hour passes and I'm sleepy and the doorbell rings ???? And I'm like who?? It's 11.30pm," he continued. "I ignore it and then at like 11.45 it rings again 4 times, and then again at midnight and I'm seriously like spooked as f-ck. But it's not my house and like what could anyone possibly want from me at that time?? Like Wait till morning!! I'm tryna sleep."

So, since the "Youth" hitmaker was "tryna sleep," he did just that and went to sleep. Though he may have experienced nightmares about the bizarre bell ringing, nothing could've prepared him for what he found outside of his AirBNB the next morning.

"Then this MORNING, I'm leaving the house and I find two little NOTES have been thrown over the gate," he revealed. The notes are, well, concerning at best.

"Hi, I'm gay," the notes read. "This is my number for when you want to call me. You know I like you a lot. Maybe you've already seen me, and I see you very often and I love you, very handsome baby."

And then, Danny also writes the same note in Spanish underneath.

"What would he have done if I answered the door at MIDNIGHT alone???" Sivan pondered -- and rightfully so. "Long story short I'm leaving the Airbnb TODAY."

And there you have it folks: A scary story, courtesy of "very handsome baby" Troye Sivan. We're not sure there's really a lesson to be learned in all of this, but if there is, it would be this: If something scary happens to you in your AirBNB, tweet about it so we can all relive it with you.

Read Troye Sivan's full story below:

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