Kid Rock announces he's running for Senate: 'Are you scared?'

Kid Rock for Senate!

The outspoken country rocker took to Twitter on Wednesday to confirm rumors that he's putting his hat in the ring for United States Senate in 2018. Though he didn't confirm which state he intends to run in, he'll presumably run in his home state of Michigan against incumbent Democratic senator, Debbie Stabenow.

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"I have had a tone of emails and texts asking me if this website is real," he wrote alongside a picture of a Kid Rock for US Senate sign. "The answer is an absolute YES."

The website,, features a link to buy merch with the same wording, along with a very on-brand photo of the "All Summer Long" singer wearing a fedora, sunglasses, dark jeans and a tan leather jacket sitting in a star-adorned chair in front of a taxidermy deer. On the window shade it says "MADE IN DETROIT."

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Also on the website is rotating box of slogans: "In Rock We Trust," "PIMP Of The Nation," "Party Of The People," "I'll Rock The Party," "Get In The Senate And Try And Help Someone" and "Born Free."

The singer's announcement comes after the 2016 election, during which Kid Rock was a massive supporter of Republican nominee -- and eventual winner -- Donald Trump. He was one of the few celebrities to rally behind him.

Kid Rock isn't the only celebrity looking to "rock" politics, either. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made waves last weekend when someone from West Virginia filed the "Run the Rock 2020" campaign committee on his behalf with the Federal Election Commission. He's previously been open about his desire to enter the political sphere, going so far as to say that "of course" he's going to run for office one day.

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