Fitness queen Denise Austin's daughter is a knockout -- who can actually knock you out

There's no combo quite like great genes and the gym!

Fitness queen Denise Austin is hotter than ever at 60 years old, and her daughter is following right in her gym-shoe-clad footsteps! Katie Austin, a recent USC graduate, is a model, athlete, fitness trainer and all-around all star.

The mom and daughter duo hit the ESPYs red carpet on Wednesday looking more like sisters. We're not even sure where to look -- Denise's rock-hard arms or Katie's stellar stems?!

Denise has been a fitness icon for nearly three decades, launching her first workout video in 1988. The healthy lifestyle advocate married Jeff Austin, a sports agent and pro tennis player, and along came their two children! Katie, a D1 athlete, has since launched her own fitness career -- and if her buff bod can't get you motivated, nothing will.

The two have even tag-teamed on some workout videos -- because why not?! Take a look at Denise and Katie demonstrating a simple routine even the least coordinated among us could do. (Well, maybe.)

PS: You gotta love this throwback vid of Denise in her early days!