Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik under fire for 'gender fluidity' Vogue cover

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik garnered criticism on Thursday following the release of their new joint Vogue cover for the magazine's August issue.

The superstar couple, who have been dating for about a year and a half, appear on the colorful cover in patterned suits and oversized men's dress shirts alongside text that reads, "Gigi & Zayn shop each other's closets."

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The accompanying cover story proclaims that "Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Are Part of a New Generation Embracing Gender Fluidity." Vogue's evidence that Hadid and Malik are embracing gender fluidity? They dress in each other's clothing.

"I like that shirt," Malik says about a recent shirt he borrowed from Hadid's closet. "And if it's tight on me, so what? It doesn't matter if it was made for a girl." Hadid responded by saying that "it's not about gender. It's about, like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it's fun to experiment."

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Twitter users were quick to point out that labeling Malik and Hadid's tendency to share clothing as "embracing gender fluidity" demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of what gender fluidity means. Someone who is generally considered to be gender-fluid doesn't identify with a single or fixed gender, so saying that Hadid and Malik are embracing gender fluidity because Hadid sometimes decides to dress herself in menswear and Malik wears tight clothing designed for women is objectively incorrect.

"Zayn and Gigi are profiled in this piece on gender fluidity because...they borrow each other's clothes sometimes?" one person wrote on Twitter in response to the cover story. Another said "[I] think Vogue is a bit confused on what gender fluidity is! Wearing your gf's T-shirt does not make you gender fluid."

Throughout their August cover story, Vogue quotes high-profile designers who describe their willingness to blur the lines between the masculine and feminine, which are all worthwhile and important trends to highlight as the fashion industry moves towards embracing less binary definitions of what men's and women's clothing look like.

The problem lies in the fact that they mislabeled the trend, and one might expect more from the most respected fashion magazine in the world.

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