Prince Charles and Camilla caught giggling during cultural performance in Canada

The Prince of Whales and Duchess of Cornwall may have seemingly broken royal protocol with their giggling.

Prince Charles, 68, and Camilla, 69, were in Canada ahead of the nation's 150th birthday and little did they know that they were in for quite a treat!

During a stop in the town of Iqaluit, the two were blessed with a traditional throat-singing ceremony called Katajjaq. The practice is usually performed by two women who take turns making sounds by inhaling and exhaling and only stopping when one of them misses a beat or runs out of breath. The two battle it out to see who can last the longest.

While the contest usually ends with one of the performers giggling, Charles and Camilla beat them to it!

In a video, Camilla tried to cover her mouth in an obvious attempt to control her laughter, while her husband quietly held it in with a brief chuckle.

"Prince Charles and wife Camilla (were) giggling like naughty schoolchildren," according to The Sun.

While their outburst raised some eyebrows, we're sure that the couple isn't losing any sleep over it. If you recall, Prince Charles has definitely ruffled some feathers in the past with his silly behavior during official royal engagements. He has been known to break out in dance or even fall asleep on several occasions.

Despite his silly behavior, the royal knows when to put on a serious face. At the funeral of Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Prince Charles consoled his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in a rare moment of affection.

Watch their giggling outburst in all its glory in the video above!