Photos of Prince Charles taken 64 years apart send internet into a tizzy

Prince Charles may be the most relatable royal of all.

The 68-year-old royal appeared alongside Queen Elizabeth, in place of the Duke of Edinburgh, who had been taken ill with an infection, during a speech at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday. Photos of the prince taken at the event show Charles looking pretty absent.

One Reddit user may the observation and posted a side-by-side photo of Charles from yesterday's event and when he was just 4 years old at his mother's coronation as queen. The little tyke didn't look pleased at all to be attending his mother's coronation back in 1953, which is probably considered one of the most important moments in his country's history.

"Some things change but state functions will always bore Charles," the Reddit user captioned the hilarious snap.

Little did we know that day 64 years ago would only be the first time Prince Charles would look bored as ever at royal appearances.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles attended the Braemar Highland Games back in 2013, in what was supposed to be an adorable mother-son outing. While the queen was having a blast, her son wasn't having it. He even fell asleep at one point! Likewise, he also managed to take a snooze at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the queen's coronation in 2013.

Some things never change!

The prince has also made headlines for one of his hidden talents -- busting a move. Charles has been known to break out in dance while out at public appearances, and we're totally here for it. Check out Prince Charles' hottest dance moves in the slideshow below: