Luke Hemsworth on sharing parenting tips with brother Chris Hemsworth: 'What the hell are we doing?!'


Brothers Luke and Chris Hemsworth may each be a father to multiple children, but that doesn't mean that they exchange any tips on raising young kids.

We recently caught up with "Westworld" star Luke Hemsworth during his partnership event with Old Spice's hair stylers, where he told us that when he hangs out with younger brother, Chris, parenting is perhaps the last thing on their minds.

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"We're like, 'What the hell are we doing?!'" he said with a laugh. "We'll [occasionally] get together and voice our concerns, but when we get together we mostly try not to talk about these things. We try to talk about anything else!"

Besides, the 36-year-old actor seems to have fatherhood pretty nailed down. Hemsworth walked us through his family's morning routine, in which he's regularly in charge of his getting his three kids' hair in order after getting in his early-morning workout -- which often involves a morning surf.

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"When we get the kids ready, we tag team," Hemsworth explained of his wife of 10 years, Samantha. "I do the hair, and she'll do the lunch and just try to get them out the door by 8 to get them to school. Once they're all at school, we take a deep breath, have a coffee together and have the rest of our days."

As a father to Holly, Harper and Ella, he clearly has his hands full, but the chaotic nature of being a father to three kids is something that Hemsworth handles with extreme confidence. Where does he get that confidence from, you ask? It's all about his footwear and his hair.

"Confidence is really about being comfortable," he told us. "It comes from being comfortable with yourself first and foremost, and then there are little things you add on along the way that help to strengthen that confidence. For me, it's boots! I love boots, so when I get these boots on or my hair looks good -- all that stuff -- can either make you confident or not confident."

So, between his boots and his Old Spice Swagger Gel, Hemsworth is set --though, he did admit that his own hair routine becomes an "afterthought" after getting his kids ready in the morning. And, if he is really in a bind, Hemsworth turns to another familiar article of clothing: His hat.

"I'm a hat man," he admitted. "The less I touch it, the better!"

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Luke Hemsworth has four kids. He has three.

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