'13 Reasons Why' star Tommy Dorfman teases 'what we could see more of' in Season 2


Tommy Dorfman, who plays Ryan Shaver on viral Netflix hit "13 Reasons Why," recently stopped by to talk to AOL Entertainment about the show.

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The 24-year-old actor, for whom "13 Reasons Why" will surely prove to be his breakout show, told us that he initially auditioned for Clay ("I think we all initially auditioned for Clay..."), but ultimately found that Ryan was the perfect character for him. He's a character that, despite being called an "arrogant asshole" at one point during the first season, Dorfman considers to have "a lot of heart."

From what "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 could possibly entail to LGBTQ representation on the show and getting tattoos with executive producer Selena Gomez, our conversation with Tommy Dorfman covered it all. Check it out below.

Our interview with Tommy Dorfman took place before Selena Gomez confirmed the show's second season on Instagram on Sunday.

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On questions that could be answered in Season 2: What's going to happen to Alex? What's going to happen with this trial? We all were deposed, even though it was not shown, so we could see more of that. We could see more of each person's journey through this, will Bryce go to jail? Is there justice for Jess? All of that stuff. Also, what will Katherine's, who plays Hannah, role be in the show? The writers are so good -- I think they proved that with this season -- and they add so much to the story that was there in the book in spirit but got really fleshed out in the show, and I trust them implicitly.

On the mixed response to "13 Reasons Why": I'm really grateful, and I think we're all pretty fortunate that most of the feedback has been extremely positive. Of course, people don't like the show and that's okay, too.

On the impact of "13 Reasons Why": It makes me rethink what I want to do in the future. The show is so meaningful, and it's going to me more important to me now moving forward that the next projects I do -- that I get to be a part of -- that they also have a meaning behind them. [...] I knew it was going to touch people, I just didn't know how deeply and how much.

On being a part of a cast filled with fellow newcomers: What was so great about so many of us being new was that we were all going through this at the time same. It brought us really close together, especially since the show has come out. I think none of us have received the amount of attention we're receiving at this level -- at a global scale. [...] We all really are best friends; we have a big group text. [...] I think that also made us engage with the material in a different way, because none of us were jaded. [...] We all knew how important this story was to tell, so we took it very seriously and there was a lot of professionalism. There were no egos on set.

On LGBTQ representation on "13 Reasons Why": I think we talk about it really honestly. I have to say that I don't have an interest in playing gay roles that are stereotypes, that are just like, you know, the girl's best friend who wants to go shopping and be really sassy and bitchy. Ryan has a little bit of sass and a little bit of bitchiness, but I think there's a lot of heart there, too, and a lot of sincerity.

On the reaction to his tattoos with Selena Gomez: We didn't realize the impact or how that would sort of spread like wildfire. Now I'm thinking, 'Well, I was with Selena, so obviously,' but I'm glad that we did it and that people are responding to it in the way that they are. It keeps that conversation going, and it shows that we aren't just invested in this because of the show. We all have had personal experiences.

Watch our full interview with "13 Reasons Why" star Tommy Dorfman below:

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