Former 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky gushes about motherhood, being a newlywed and Rachel Lindsay


Former "Bachelorette" star Ali Fedotowsky has had quite the memorable last 12 months.

Last July, Fedotowsky welcomed her first child, Molly, with her now-husband, Kevin Manno. The couple wed last month in a private ceremony and have since been enjoying live as a family.

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We recently caught up with Ali Fedotowsky, while Kevin entertained Molly across the room, to talk about her exciting new life, why she's going to take Molly on her honeymoon, her advice for new "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay and why she's so excited for Easter.

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Check out our full conversation with Ali Fedotowsky below:

Why did working with the American Egg Board feel like a good fit for you?

One, and this is completely true, we're obsessed with eggs! We eat so many eggs, and it's pretty much where I get all of my protein. I put egg whites on my salad, I make crepes, I love egg whites in the morning -- they're what I have for breakfast -- and I love deviled eggs, so we truly are just big fans of eggs. [Laughs] We love partnering with the American Egg Board because they support American egg farmers and their families. I just love that and how American it is. It's fun to be part of that. And Easter is coming up! I'm a new mom and -- I've always loved holidays -- but now holidays mean so much more because I have a baby.

Here's the thing: She's a baby. Is she going to remember these [early holidays]? No, but I'm going to remember them, and I want to make pretty things around the holidays now because I want pretty photos. She won't remember this Easter, but when she's looking for a photo for her high school yearbook, she'll be like, "Look at that adorable picture of me and all those easter eggs!" I don't know if this is the same for you, but I don't have a ton of photos of myself growing up, and there are no videos of me.

Or it'll just be like one photo from every fifth Easter or something.

Totally, so we actually have a family photographer that helps us document Molly's life, because we want her to have all of these memories when she's older. Now that I'm a new mom, I want to be the next Martha Stewart where everything is perfect, and I want people to come over and think that I have it totally together, even though my life is chaos.

What are your plans for Easter?

We might get together with some friends for some fun Easter photos, and we might all go see the Easter Bunny together. She's definitely going to go see the Easter Bunny. We want to do a basket in the morning -- no candy, just toys. Some days she'll have some candy, but we really want to focus mostly on being healthy. We want her to avoid eating too much sugar. For Halloween, for example, people ask what I'm going to do, and I say, "For every 20 pieces of candy, I'll give you a dollar." They're learning business skills! [Laughs] Maybe for Easter I'll do the same thing for chocolate eggs. Then we'll do a nice family brunch. I'm also going make these pickled deviled eggs, where you soak the egg white of a hardboiled egg in vinegar and beet juice and water. You soak it in it overnight [to turn it magenta]! Going over to someone's house and seeing that you're like, "This mom has got it together!"

We also just started to let her watch TV, so we'll probably watch something. We kept it off for the first eight months of her life, so now she'll watch a little bit. When I say "Let her watch," she'll watch, like, two seconds. Overall, though, I think we'll just be together. The biggest thing I want to instill in her for all holidays is that it's not about what you get -- it's about the time you spend together. That's why the egg decorating and Easter egg hunt are so important.

Congratulations on your wedding! I know it's been a month, but are there any moments where you're like, "Oh, my God! I'm married..."?

I keep saying this -- and it sounds weird -- but I think realizing that I'll never be single again takes some getting used to. [Laughs] I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just the finality of it. "Wow, I will never ... "

[Husband, Kevin, interrupts]: Yesterday was our one month anniversary!

[Ali] I know, I forgot! We forgot. But, we had a nice day yesterday exploring New York as a married couple, so, that was fun.

Also, when we say we're husband and wife, I feel like we're playing house or playing pretend. I think once we get our marriage certificate and my name legally changes, it'll be like, "This is it." We were all sick the week after the wedding, and people would be like, "How's married life?" And I would be like, "It sucks! I've been sick the whole time." [Laughs] Other than that, it's been absolutely great. We really feel like a family. We always did, but I never thought the piece of paper would matter ... and it does.

Are you guys going to take some time for yourselves and go on a honeymoon?

Yes, at some point we'd like to. But we'll just bring Molly and maybe Kevin's mom or my mom and ask them to stay with her while we go to the pool. I can never be away from her for that long, so I wouldn't want to fly somewhere without her. I mean, Kevin and her could've stayed home when I came to New York [for press], but I wasn't ready to be away from her for that long. I hope I'm ready soon, though, because I know it's not healthy to be that way for too long.

Let's switch gears a little bit and get into some pressing Bachelor Nation topics. Nick and Vanessa received some intense criticism for the relatively cold way they interacted on "After the Final Rose." What did you think of that? Was it unfair?

I think that for the first time ever, we saw a couple come out and be totally real and realistic about what's going on. I, like all the other couples have done, came out and was like, "Oh, we're totally in love! Yes, we're planning a wedding, and it's going to be soon!" Everyone does that. I did it! It's not true, though. It's not like everybody's a liar -- I wasn't lying, nobody else was lying -- but you get into this fantasy world in your head and you want to believe, "Yes, we are going to get married! Yes, it's totally normal that I'm engaged to this stranger that I barely spent any time with." It's more about tricking yourself, whereas Vanessa is just too smart [to do that].

She's more real and upfront about the difficulties of the situation.

Totally. She's like, "You know what? This is hard. I wasn't okay with him proposing to me after making out with some other girl or sleeping with some other girl two days before. That's not cool with me." I think she's just been so upfront and honest, and I think it's refreshing. I think it's cool. I think because they're being upfront and honest, they have a better chance at making it than anyone else.

But, look, will they make it? Maybe not, or maybe they will. Who knows! But, they're giving themselves a good chance by being real.

Were you able to get in contact with Rachel Lindsay before she started filming her season of "The Bachelorette"?

Yeah, I was texting with her throughout the season to get her fashion details, because I do a fashion blog. I love her style, so I was always texting her about that.

Then, right before she left, I sent her a long text. I was like, "Okay, forgive me for this novel of a text, but I'm about to give you some unsolicited advice." And I told her a few things that I can't say out loud because it would ruin it for future bachelorettes, but maybe some things to sneak in with you that you're not supposed to have. [Laughs]

I also told her to just enjoy the experience, because when I was on and traveling to all of these places, I wasn't fully appreciating it. Like, I went to Iceland and Portugal, you know? I was, like, upset that I had to go on a date when I wanted to take a nap. I should've been like, "You'll sleep later! You're in Portugal! You're on an iceberg in Iceland with a volcano next to you!" I just didn't enjoy it enough, so I told her no matter what's going on, to lighten up. I was way too serious about finding a husband.

And, if anything, you're going to end up learning more about yourself from the experience.

Absolutely. You learn so much about yourself, and everyone is putting their lives on hold to be there -- not just you -- so seem present in every relationship. Those were my main pieces of advice. I also told her, "Don't trust anybody. Just go with your gut. You just need to stick with what you want to do." She's going to be great. She didn't need my advice, but I gave it to her anyway.

Now that you're seven years removed from the show, are you ever tempted to not be plugged into it one season?

No! Gosh. If "The Bachelor" is on when I'm 80, I'll be blogging about it when I'm 80. [Laughs] I'll be watching it as long as it's on; I'll be a fan as long as it's on. It's such a great show, the people behind it are incredible and so great at what they do. It's ridiculous that "The Bachelor" has never been nominated for an Emmy! Can you believe that? Like, "The Amazing Race" has won a gazillion, and "The Bachelor" has never even been nominated. That is insane. Who's talking about "The Amazing Race"? No offense, but seriously. Do you know what I mean? It's part of our culture, and 100 years from now people will know what "The Bachelor" was. It's a shame! I'll always be watching it.

At the end of the day, yes there's some stuff and it's for TV, but they want people to find love. And that's pretty awesome.

Ali Fedotowsky partnered with the American Egg Board for an Easter Egg Art sweepstakes. Learn more here.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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