'The Bachelor' star Corinne Olympios on why she doesn't see Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi working out


Corinne Olympios doesn't see a fairytale ending for Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi.

Olympios, who stole the spotlight on this past season of "The Bachelor" with her iconic one-liners and no-holds-barred attitude, recently told AOL Entertainment that she thinks Viall and Grimaldi are too different from one another to be together forever.

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"I just don't really see them working out," she confessed to us over the phone. "I don't mean this in a harmful or vicious way; it's just my personal opinion. I just don't really think that they are going to work out. Vanessa has a very, very strong personality, and I don't think that Nick can really handle that. Not because there's anything wrong with Nick, I just think that Nick is a little more down to earth and laid-back. I think Vanessa is a little too neurotic. I just can't."

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That extreme honesty is exactly what garnered Olympios, 24, so many fans during her time on "The Bachelor" this year. She was consistently the most talked about contestant on the show, and she provided constant entertainment -- and comedic relief -- throughout the show's bulky two-hour episodes.

"I didn't filter anything that I was thinking," she says about her time on the show. "I didn't try to be anything that I wasn't."

Since being left without a rose from Viall in the final four, Olympios has capitalized on her growing fanbase to begin building her empire. First up? Her "Team Corn" merchandise line featuring hats, tees and tanks adorned with phrases that play off of her most memorable lines, like "Make America Corinne Again," "Platinum Vagine," "I need a Raquel" and "Cheese Pasta & Chill."

Upon its launch, "Team Corn" surpassed its one-month sales goal in 24 hours, as Olympios told us, and at one point saw orders placed every 15 seconds.

"Thank God it was a success," she said with a laugh, before adding that she plans on adding new products to the line, like pillows and phone cases. Other projects on her post-"Bachelor" list? A podcast, a book, makeup and more TV appearances.

Does that mean more reality TV for Corinne Olympios?

"Hopefully," she said.

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