Source reveals major update about Brad Pitt's life: 'He's been dating a bit'


Brad Pitt may currently be Hollywood's most eligible bachelor, but don't expect him to settle down anytime soon!

A source close to Pitt revealed to Page Six that he's been "dating a bit," but he's being careful about keeping it a secret.

While no specific names were confirmed, a few of his exes have reportedly come out of the woodwork. Kate Hudson, Juliette Lewis and Christina Applegate are some of the famous women who have allegedly reached out following his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

He was also recently spotted flirting with "Lost City of Z" star Sienna Miller during a private dinner with a group of friends, but the actress denied anything romantic going on between them.

"Brad isn't interested [in rekindling with any exes]. No partying, no fun. Just work and parenting," the source revealed. "He's focused on his kids, and he's happy -- now that he has settled his divorce from Angelina -- to be out of the public eye."

Pitt is currently working on the sequel to his 2013 zombie-apocalypse hit "World War Z," which he'll both produce and star in. The actor has also picked up a new hobby as of late -- sculpting. He's been holed up at an artist friend's studio creating his latest masterpiece (no word yet on when Pitt will reveal his sculpture).

If you recall, Brad's split from Angelina was the biggest breakup bombshell in 2016. There was major drama between the two after announcing their split, but it seems the two have put their differences aside in the new year for their children.

The "Moneyball" star hasn't made many public appearances in early 2017, but when he does decide to venture out in public, people have been quick to notice his much slimmer figure. Sources close to the Oscar-winning actor revealed he's made a commitment to a much healthier lifestyle, so it's nice to see Pitt moving on after what seems like a quite rocky past couple of months.