'Whispering Ryan Gosling' memes are taking over the internet


Last night's Academy Awards had a lot of memorable moments -- including the biggest of the night when the wrong film was announced for Best Picture.

During the show, host Jimmy Kimmel brought in a bus load of tourists; they thought they were going to an exhibit of Hollywood dresses, but they were in for a surprise. One woman, named Vickie, got an especially huge shock.

Vickie, who was there with her fiancé Gary, had instant access to A-list celebrities. One moment with Ryan Gosling has been immortalized forever:

Credit: ABC

What is Gosling whispering in Vickie's ear? The internet had no idea, but that didn't stop them from coming up with a few ideas:

Whatever he said, Vickie's moment on live television is not only relatable -- but it'll live on long after the awards.