Jimmy Kimmel's most hilarious moments through the 2017 Oscar Awards

Jimmy Kimmel knocked it out of the park as the host of the 89th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night. Kimmel brought the belly laughs with pranks on Matt Damon, bringing a bus full of unsuspecting tourists to the Oscars, and ripping stars left and right with his zingers. Need us to remind you of all the hilarious things he did on Sunday -- just read below.

1. Make fun of Matt Damon all night long

Kimmel kicked off the show by telling the audience he was ready to bury the hatchet with his longtime nemesis, Matt Damon, but that lasted for a record 2 minutes before he launched into the Damon haterade. Perhaps the best Damon bashing came when Kimmel decided to do a cameo where he discussed a movie that inspired him to act -- "We Bought a Zoo." Kimmel said in the segment "He's able to hear words and then repeat them back. The thing about Matt is you can see how hard he's working – it's really effortful. I've seen it 100 times and it still give me goosebumps. He has almost no discernible talent, but it works." Then when Damon and Affleck walked out on stage to introduce an award, Kimmel made sure that Matt was introduced as Ben Affleck's guest and then promptly had the orchestra play him off stage.

2. He held up Sunny Pawar from "Lion" like Simba from "The Lion King"

The adorable kiddo was sitting in the audience and so Kimmel took the opportunity to play "The Lion King" song and hold up Sunny like he was on pride rock.

3. Drop cookies, candy and donuts from the ceiling

An award ceremony isn't complete without snacks, so Kimmel made sure to keep people on a constant sugar high by dropping sugary treats from the sky.

4. Bring a bus full of tourists to the Oscars

A group of tourists thought they were on a tour of Hollywood -- and little did they know that Kimmel arranged for them to come to the Oscars. The results were hilarious and led to Jennifer Aniston giving away her sunglasses and Denzel Washington pretending to officiate a wedding.

5. Try and tweet President Trump to get a rise out of him

Jimmy Kimmel wasn't shy about his angst toward the President, and he joked that the leader of the free world would likely be tweeting about the Oscars during his morning bowel movement. Naturally, Kimmel decided to push things along by tweeting the President and using the hashtag #merylsaysHi

6. That 'N SYNC joke

Justin Timberlake opened the show and Jimmy Kimmel made sure to point out that he thought his old boy band, 'N SYNC would happily take him back if he was open to it.

7. Kimmel brings mean tweets to the Oscars

His famous franchise made its way into the Oscars ceremony with some of the best mean tweets ever being read by big names like Natalie Portman and Emma Stone. So great!

8. Kimmel says he knew he'd mess up the Oscars

The late night host took full credit for the massive flub of the Best Picture winner being announced incorrectly. And then made a joke about Steve Harvey.

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