Kathryn Hahn talks 'Bad Moms' sequel: 'You're going to get to meet our moms!'


Kathryn Hahn just checked something major off of her bucket list: She's starring in her very first Super Bowl commercial!

The actress will voice a series of Febrezecommercials for it's Odor Odes campaign, which will air this Sunday after premiering earlier this week.

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Hot off the heals of a successful third season of "Transparent," Hahn also has a handful of extremely high-profile projects coming up, including "Flower," "I Love Dick" and, yes, the "Bad Moms" sequel.

I recently caught up with Kathryn Hahn before she jetted off to the SAG Awards to talk about how her first Super Bowl commercial came about, what we can expect from "Bad Moms Christmas" and how her comedic background has informed her more recent dramatic roles.

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Check out my full conversation with Kathryn Hahn below:

Okay, so have you ever been in a Super Bowl commercial before?

No! And I'm so excited about it.

That's a pretty big thing to be checking off your bucket list!

Uh, yeah, it's absolutely [on my] bucket list! I always feel like it's such a creatively fertile time ad-wise, so when I heard the idea for this, it just sounded so clever and funny and relatable, so I was like, "Yeah, please!"

In your Odor Odes presentation just now, you said that your family and your dog and your kids are examples of things that you love, even though they stink. Can you think of another one?

Sundance! It's really sweet, but I always feel like I'm managing a lot of bad breath there -- mine and other people's. [Laughs]

Why was it a good fit for you to work with Febreze on this campaign?

I really related to whole idea that the things you love the most are actually the things that stink the most. As a mom, I feel like I'm constantly managing unexpected odors from a lot of different places. [Laughs] Also, one of the things I hate the most is when you feel like there's a sweet spray on top of a gross smell. So, with this, we're saying that it actually takes the odor away. I'm not a scientist, honey, but it works!

You mentioned Sundance, where you just premiered a few episodes of your upcoming show, "I Love Dick," with Kevin Bacon. How did that go?

Oh, my gosh! I'm so thrilled about the show -- I really am! -- and I couldn't be prouder. It doesn't premiere until May 12, so we've got some time and, knowing that, we were just excited to tease it for a second. It was a thrill, and to see it on a big screen was amazing.

And, though it's happening more and more now, it's still pretty unique to bring a TV show to Sundance, which is a film festival.

Well, it just seems as though the boundaries between mediums is just becoming more and more blurry. This certainly didn't feel like we were making a television show.

Especially with Kevin Bacon in the mix! What was it like working alongside him?

A dream! We got lucky with him playing Dick. He's so funny and so game and so charismatic. He's just the sweetest. Even just walking down the main street in Marfa, Texas, when we first got there, the whole town was freaking out and staring at him. He's a total magnet. He's the kindest, and he wears it really well.

So ... "Bad Moms" is getting a sequel, which I'm thrilled about. What was the feeling like when you initially found out you were going to make a second one of these films?

Oh, you know, we had heard whisperings that it was maybe happening and yada yada, but when we got the germ of an idea that it would be Christmas-themed, we thought it was perfect. I would've been thrilled to play with those ladies anywhere, but knowing that this is what it's going to be [is amazing]. I think you're going to get to meet our moms -- not our actual moms, but the actors. Even though that was so sweet at the credits [with our actual moms] ...

I was going to say, are we also going to get a Part 2 of that amazing credits sequence?

We have to. We have to!

I assume a feature-length version will happen at some point.

You may get it on the DVD, actually... [Laughs]

The latest season of "Transparent" was amazing, as per usual, and it seems as though you've really gravitated toward more dramatically-inclined roles. Is that something you've done consciously?

Not consciously, however, my soul feels the most woke doing that kind of work, for sure. I love a big screen comedy -- I'll always want to do that, and I just cannot believe that I get to do that -- but, there is something satisfying in a completely different way about being in a scene with Jay Duplass.

Do you think your comedy background informs some of your more dramatic work?

That's interesting. Maybe it's because I used to be more hesitant or embarrassed or conscious and because in some comedy you just have to jump into the abyss. I've actually never thought about this before, but maybe that feeds into the more dramatic work where you have to actually reveal scarier -- well, scary is relative right now -- but more emotional things, for sure.

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