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Alice and Olivia - Fall 2016 -Channeling the 70's

One of the coolest things about social media is the ability to get an inside look into the personal lives of big names and inspirations.

We know Blake Lively posts hilarious hashtags, and that Jlo's glam pictures are surreal. Celebrities are one thing, but very rarely do we get such insight into designer's personal lives.

Usually, if it's a clothing line, it's their social media director taking pictures of their new designs. A jewelry company might post celebrities wearing their earrings, and an architect might take cool new photos of their projects.

But not Stacey Bendet, the face and ultra-cool designer behind alice + olivia. Her designs are gorgeous, fun and contemporary. We could spend all day in one of her stores, but we could spend all year on her Instagram.

Why? Because it's actually her. And she is one cool mom.

1. She actually wears her designs:

No model, no problem. It shows she's proud of her work, and not too cool to flaunt her designs.

2. She's a working mom. And knows Instagram loves her kids.

Her kids are too cute!

3. She's all about girl power. And isn't quiet about it.

4. She takes awesome vacations.

5. She posts hilarious behind-the-scenes shots of her work.

6. She's so flexible she could be in Cirque Du Soleil.

You can follow her here. #Namastace.

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