Mom transforms baby into amazing characters while she sleeps

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One Mother Did a Photo Series of Her Cute Tiny Baby Against Everyday Objects

Instead of taking the precious time her 4-month-old baby is sleeping to sleep herself, Laura Izumikawa dresses her child up in amazing outfits.

Izumikawa, a photographer in Los Angeles, told The Huffington Post that the whole "sleep when the baby sleeps" method just didn't work for her.

It's only Monday and I'm dreaming of #Hawaii ­čî║

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Her daughter, Joey Marie Choi, just happens to be very cooperative with the whole creative process.

"I would end up just staring at her face all day and night because I was just so in love," she told Huffington Post. "Because Joey slept so deeply, I thought it'd be fun adding little props on her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents.

You used to call me on my shellphone ­čÉÜ­čÄ #cuddleandkind

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She said it was a great way to memorialize her growth milestones.

Joey has woken up a few times while being dressed for the photos, but she falls right back asleep like a perfect model.

All the single babies! ­čĺŹ #Beyonce

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"I really hope she'll see the photos and videos in the future and have a good laugh. Hopefully she'll see how loved she was," Izumikawa told Huffington Post.

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Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. ­čĄś­čĆ╗#waynesworld
A #CheeriosChallenge went down.
Not crazy about this one. I feel ya girl. #pokemon
­čÄÂGo on and kiss the girl­čÄ­čśÜ #littlemermaid
Dress Up Joey Contest! I thought it might be fun to have one of you decide what Joey should wear next. I will try my best to come up with your look. Winner(s) will be notified in a direct message. Just follow the instructions below! 1. Follow this account if you're not already. 2. Tag three friends on your favorite Joey post. 3. Tell me your costume idea on this post. Excited to see what everyone suggests!
Where do hamburgers go to sleep? On a bed of lettuce. ­čŹö #InnOut
Hey babygirl, let me take a pik at chu. #pokemon
Laugh it up, fuzzball. #starwars
Doze over donuts #­čŹę #NationalDonutDay

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