Michael Phelps' game face should absolutely terrify you

The Internet Can't Handle Phelps Face

South African swimmer Chad le Clos tried to psych Michael Phelps out, and it didn't sit well with the 19-time gold medalist.

The enraged record-breaker broke the internet with his terrifying game face before he raced in the 200 meter butterfly semifinals in Rio. And, almost instantly, a new Crying Jordan-level social media outburst happened.

Now presenting, #PhelpsFace:

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Of course, a collection of hilarious tweets followed:

One thing we learned – baby Boomer looks identical to his grimacing father.

Phelps will compete in the butterfly finals on Tuesday at 9:28 p.m. EST.

Rio 2016: 21 Olympic​ gold medals for Michael Phelps!

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