Where are you booking your flight to on this year's 'cheap flight day'?

The Cheapest Days to Book Flights for the Holidays

Summer peak prices can be overwhelming and most times, completely unfeasible. But once the season starts to dwindle down, prices start to drop at rapid rates.

So if you're trying to pack in a last minute summer vacation, it looks like your best shot at a cheap flight is coming up.

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August 23rd is known as "cheap flight day", as it generally marks the start of plummeting flight costs across all airlines.

Flights can drop anywhere from 10 to 20 percent, according to ABC News.

Back-to-school season and an end to the carefree, summertime vacation approach towards life marks a significant drop in booked flights, allowing cheaper prices to come into fruition.

This period of cheaper flights lasts until Thanksgiving, when high demand for holiday travel and winter blues result in an increase of booked flights once again.

So if you've been staring at your travel-themed Pinterest board for weeks too long, it's time to start shamelessly making those dreams a reality – your ideal time to book is only a few weeks away!

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