Usain Bolt has never run a mile... ever

Olympic sprinting champ Usain Bolt has never tried running a mile

Let this sink in: the fastest man in the entire world has never run a mile in his life.

At least that's what his agent admitted in an article in The New Yorker titled 'How fast would Usain Bolt run the mile?'

It's a good question, actually. He may have six gold medals, but one running professional said that even if Bolt were to run a mile, he probably wouldn't be the fastest at it.

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Robert Johnson, the co-founder of, said the hypothetical question has been debated by runners for years on his website. He said he's "very confident" that Bolt wouldn't even be able to break the five-minute mark:

Even so, we're not trying to race Usain Bolt in the mile anytime soon.

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