The final Jordan Rodgers 'Bachelorette' update: Week 10

JoJo's Mom Is Concerned About Jordan
JoJo's Mom Is Concerned About Jordan

Congratulations, Bachelor Nation and Team Jordan, you've made it to the end of 'The Bachelorette' season 12! If you didn't watch last night's episode and you're somehow still unaware of who the winner is, we suggest you get off the internet right now because we -- along with everyone else online -- are about to spoil it for you.

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With their daughter and her two remaining boyfriends still hanging out in Thailand, JoJo's parents and siblings have no choice but to fly out to Phuket if they want to meet their future son-in-law/brother-in-law before the proposal.

Jordan, America's favorite former quarterback and estranged brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, meets the Fletcher family first. He gets about 30 seconds of screen time before the show switches its attention to Robby "The Ken Doll" Hayes for an hour.

Turns out JoJo's mom loves Jordan, but apparently that's the problem. He's too likable. This is definitely a real concern. Jordan being enjoyable and making friends easily would be a massive strain on any relationship. No one actually wants their friends and family to like their husband.

See more of Jordan on the show and from his football-playing days:

JoJo's parents keep telling Jordan that JoJo has serious trust issues which is definitely helping her cause. Jordan insists that he and JoJo have had serious discussions about trust over their two-month-long relationship. He promises that he'll never break her heart.

One thing though, Jordan -- you neglected to ask JoJo's father for his blessing in marrying his daughter. That's a big no-no, especially since Robby asks both her father and her mother later on, a fact that Jordan could not have possibly known but realistically should have anticipated.

Much later on in the three-hour finale special, Jordan reappears for one last date with JoJo. She confronts him about why he didn't ask her father for her hand in marriage, and he masterfully deflects the blame back to her, saying he would have asked if there wasn't one other bachelor left and he could be sure she would say yes. They continue this conversation late into the night, with Jordan ultimately calling it "a bummer" that he let JoJo down.

At this point, it seems pretty clear that Robby, having made all the right moves, will be winning JoJo's heart. #JordanForBachelor, am I right?

But wait -- what's this? A television show notorious for not letting contestants use computers, televisions or any other technology has provided Jordan with a magical cell phone that he can use to call JoJo's parents! Amazing! How unpredictable!

Jordan Calls JoJo's Parents
Jordan Calls JoJo's Parents

Sorry not sorry, Robby, but once Jordan picks up that phone and asks JoJo's parents for their blessing in marrying their daughter, the show is basically over. Jordan writes JoJo a beautiful card to let her know he finally did the one thing she wanted him to do.

Not to be outdone, Robby also pens JoJo a heartfelt letter, but he writes his on lined notebook paper like an amateur. He didn't even rip the scraps off the side of it. Boy, bye.

Long story short, both Robby and Jordan pick out stunning engagement rings and prepare to propose to the mutual love of their lives. Robby professes his love to JoJo on the beach outside of a Mariott, and she (mercifully?) tells him not to get down on one knee, because she "loves" him but her "heart is somewhere else."

Right. That's love.

After heartbroken Robby leaves and JoJo has been single for all of 5 minutes, our boy Jordan rolls up and proposes to his girl. She says yes. Now we get to see if they live happily ever after or not, starting with the finale after show.

Jordan Receives JoJo's Final Rose
Jordan Receives JoJo's Final Rose

On the 'After The Final Rose' after show, JoJo sees Robby again, JoJo and Jordan talk about how happy they are, blah blah everyone is great and happy -- and then host Chris Harrison asks the one question we've all been waiting for: What's up with Aaron?

Jordan (who will likely make an excellent politician) expertly dodges the question. He says that JoJo has become part of his family, and they have had many talks with his family, and going forward JoJo will be a part of his journey with his family.

JoJo admits that she hasn't met Aaron yet and that it's not exactly on their to-do list, and Jordan says that's because they "have furniture to buy." When asked if Aaron might go to the wedding, Jordan deflects by saying they don't even have a date set yet. Seriously, Jordan dodges questions better than he ever dodged defensive linemen.

Chris Harrison Asks Jordan About Brother Aaron Rodgers
Chris Harrison Asks Jordan About Brother Aaron Rodgers

There you have it, folks. The season is over and JoJo chose Jordan, which we honestly knew she would do ever since we (and she) first laid eyes on him. Now, with preseason football right around the corner, we can turn our attention fully back to big brother Aaron -- that is, at least until this wedding happens.

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