3 quick workout moves from fitness guru Harley Pasternak

Meet Harley: Renown Trainer to the Stars

Harley Pasternak is one of the most legendary trainers in entertainment and fitness, boasting a huge list of celebrity clients. The 41-year-old trainer has big names like Ariana Grande and Jordana Brewster on his roster of devotees -- and it's no secret why. His approach to fitness is whole-body, focusing on the workout, as well as nutrition and sleep.

Harley broke down his approach to a fit physique with AOL here -- and now he let us in on 3 quick moves that will keep you in top shape. He recommends doing these moves in succession (4 set of 20 for each exercise) to help sculpt your body, and also take 10,000 steps per day tracking them via Fitbit. During this workout, we used the Fitbit Blaze and Harley recommends this model because it includes wrist-based heart rate tracking and auto-sleep tracking.

Try out the three moves below and let us know how it goes!

1) Single Leg Tap Squat: Stand in front of a workout bench with enough room to be able to squat down 90 degrees till your butt hits the bench. Raise one leg and squat down till you hit the bench, then use the power in your standing leg and your core strength to stand back up. Repeat!

2) Dolphin Bench: Lie face down on a workout bench and grab onto the bench with your hands near your shoulders for balance. Widen your legs and raise your legs up as high as you can -- hold it -- and then release.

3) Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension: Lie down on the workout bench and use a set of dumbbells (we used, 5-pound dumbbells). Begin with your arms straight over your chest, bend your arms toward your head without moving the upper portion of your arms. From this position, press your arms back over your chest.

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