Who designs the Olympic uniforms for the United States?

Rio 2016: A sneak peek at Team USA's closing ceremony outfits
Rio 2016: A sneak peek at Team USA's closing ceremony outfits

U.S. Olympic athletes will wear Polo Ralph Lauren during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Rio Olympic Games. Ralph Lauren has dressed athletes for five Olympics, beginning with the 2008 Beijing Games.

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As expected from Ralph Lauren, the U.S. athletes will be dressed and accessorized in red white and blue with his signature preppy, patrician vibe. In 2012 there was anger over the Ralph Lauren Olympic gear being made in China. This year, the Olympic clothing provided by Ralph Lauren is manufactured in the United States.

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During competitions, the U.S. athletes will wear gear provided by Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and others. Much of this clothing is designed to support winning performances, For example Under Armour uniforms have built-in features specific to the requirements of each sport:

CoolSwitch and ArmourVentTM technologies draw away heat and increase air!ow (USA Boxing, Canada Rugby).

  • Heat-sealed, bonded seams provide zero rubbing and zero distractions (USA Boxing).

  • Strategic compression helps increase blood !ow (USA Gymnastics, New Zealand Kayak).

  • 4-way stretch fabrication allows for greater mobility in all directions (USA Gymnastics).

  • ArmourGrip® technology on the torso features silicone gripping for more effective catching and securing of the ball (Canadian Rugby).

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The styles for the U.S. athletes in the Opening Ceremony are closely guarded. However the outfits the athletes will wear for the Closing Ceremony have been released. As reported in CNN Money:

Team USA members will be able to choose between a red, white or blue button-down shirt emblazoned with Polo's pony logo on the front and "U-S-A" on the back. This will be worn over a striped t-shirt with khaki chino shorts. Accessories include a pair of boat shoes, a cotton bracelet and a belt — all in red, white and blue designs.

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