It's National Fortune Cookie Day, which is the perfect excuse to get Chinese food

How to Make 3-Ingredient Fortune Cookies

According to Twitter, July 20 is National Fortune Cookie Day -- Google claims it to be September 13, but who says there can't be two days dedicated to the most clairvoyant of desserts?

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In all honestly, while fortune cookies have more wisdom inside them than, say, a chocolate chip cookie, they're not nearly as tasty. Furthermore, even though you'll always find them along with your Chinese food order, fortune cookies are not Chinese. There's a strong belief that they actually come from Japan. Even so, the largest consumption of fortune cookies in the world takes place in the United States.

While you may be skeptical of how accurate fortune cookie predictions claim to be, the numbers on the back have been reported to be lottery-winning on occasion. Even if you don't win Powerball, fortune cookies are a fun surprise -- and a totally valid reason to order Chinese takeout.

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National Fortune Cookie Day
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National Fortune Cookie Day
I don't want to brag, but my fortune cookie told me four times that my life will be happy and peaceful, so.
On an unrelated note, I just cracked open a fortune cookie and received this nugget
My fortune cookie basically just condoned my #PokémonGo usage
These fortune cookie people bout to catch my attitude in the form of these hands
Uh... am I right to feel vaguely threatened by this fortune cookie?
Fortune cookie writer must have some deep Twitter beef.
I just got floored by a fortune cookie
This was literally in my fortune cookie tonight at a Chinese buffet.

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