'The Runner' recap: Day 14

14 July - Ep. 3

As has been the case over the past few days, Day 14 of "The Runner" provided another thrilling, fast-paced manhunt as the Chase teams continued to gain on the Runner. The day's first episode tracked the teams to Birmingham, Alabama as they tried to catch the Runner before he found his key and made his escape. Did they catch their target? Watch below to find out:

14 July - Ep. 1

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In the day's second episode, we got an update from Control90 on each of the Chaser teams and found out where they're headed next: Pensacola, Florida.

Watch the day's second show below for updates from each of the Chaser teams:

14 July - Ep. 2

The day's third and final episode focused on the Chaser teams as they tackled their daily challenge. On Day 14, they had to track down drones outside of Birmingham, Alabama and solve mathematic equations to find out where they were headed next.

Watch the third episode at the top of the page.

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