'The Runner' recap: Day 13

13 JULY - EP. 3

The first episode of Day 13 brought about the second Runner's closest call yet as he and the Chase teams descended upon Nashville in search of a specific guitar player on Broadway. The Runner's "oddly nice Mustang," which was parked on a nearby side street, tipped off two of the Chase teams, who noted that it could easily be his getaway vehicle.

After getting within 7 feet of the Runner (they didn't know, because he was in an Uber with tinted windows), the Chaser teams ultimately weren't able to catch him. See how the Runner evaded his Chasers in the video below:

13 July - Ep. 1

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During the day's second episode, we caught up with the Chaser teams as they attempted to solve the day's clue pointing to their next location. Where are they going next? Find out below:

13 July - Ep. 2

During the day's third episode, we watched as the Chaser teams tried to assemble a puzzle at Nashville's Parthenon. Where are they headed next? Birmingham, Alabama.

Watch the third episode at the top of the page.

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