'The Runner' recap: Days 8, 9 and 10

10 July - Ep. 3

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On day 8, Friday, the new Runner caused a stir with trash talking and the #FearTheBeard hashtag, inspired by his beard, became trending on Twitter. The Chase teams followed him from Holland, Mich. to Milwaukee, Wisc., having to solve a complex menu puzzle while chasing him. Check out all of the action below:

08 July - Ep. 3

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On Saturday, we followed the Chaser teams to an abandoned warehouse in Milwaukee where the Runner narrowly escaped being caught before zip-lining his way to safety. We left off as he drove off in his Ford to Chicago as the Chaser teams searched through a monument of Pabst Blue Ribbon for clues to their next location.

Watch Day 9 action below:

09 July - Ep. 3

Day 10 focused on the Chaser teams as they made their way into Chicago, attempted to catch the Runner as he Kayaked down a river and then assembled a huge amount of pizza boxes in order to solve their next clue. The teams learned they're staying in the Midwest and headed to Indianapolis.

Watch the Day 10 recap at the top of the page.

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