'The Runner' recap: Day 7 -- hear from the captured Runner!

07 July - Ep. 3

Want to hear about the first Runner, Bri's, experience as the first-ever Runner? You're in luck! During Day 7's second episode, Mat Pat talked extensively to the captured Runner about the "paranoia" she experience while being chased across the country.

The day's first show reminded us about how intense yesterday's sequence of events were when Bri, the first-ever Runner, was caught by the Brogrammers, who were awarded the $92K+ bounty on her head. It also indicated that there's already a new Runner on the run from the Chasers before Kaj Larsen gave them the first challenge of the day:

07 July - Ep. 1

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The highlight of the day's second show was, of course, the interview with captured Runner, Bri in studio with Mat Pat. She was frank about her time as the Runner, noting how much stress and paranoia she felt throughout her week-long experience being followed by the Chase teams.

Watch the day's second show below for updates from each of the Chaser teams:

07 July - Ep.2

The third episode of the day caught back up with the Chase teams as they embarked on the chase for the second Runner of the month. This time, they were tasked with searching through the abandoned Russell Industrial Center for a USB drive containing the clue for the new Runner's daily ops. Where are they headed next? Watch the episode at the top of the page to find out!

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